Intimate Waxing

Probably the most exciting treatment for both therapists and clients, because of the amazing results we can achieve. This has been the most popular male waxing treatment in a very long time not only in London but also in Brazil and farther afield. Men of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes do it. 

History tells that it all started with women in Brazil wanting to exhibit a skimpy bikini in Ipanema and Copacabana beaches without distractions from their fashionable swimwear, something unagogic to Europeans (they are well known to exposing more than any other culture.) Not a bad thing, just a personal preference and a personal statement. Let us respect for that, we wish we were the same. 

From them it developed a huge culture of men doing their Brazilian waxing and male trimming (manscaping as we know it.) Men started seeing specialists to wax their bits. It all has evolved with me choosing places and therapists who will cater for their specific male needs. Some men prefer male therapists for the simply reason that a man will not get offended by a client having an erection – let’s get real, it happens, it’s simply a physiological reaction. Its all about the professionalism and respect from the client that makes things easier and less embarrassing to both client and therapist.

Male Brazilian Shape Options

Bodies and parts come in all shapes and sizes, your Brazilian can be shaped to match and enhance your bits. Don’t be shy and talk to your therapist, choose the look you want.