Brazilian Trimming

If bush down under is getting out of control, worry no more, the south of the equator has already found the answer. The so called Brazilian manscaping or Brazilian trimming (intimate trimming) is the answer to the sexy guys in Rio monkeying around with their short speedos without displaying a carpet. Think of it in British terms as the hedge in your front yard, if it’s too long, your house front will look unkept and it might enrage your neighbours!

A well kept bush is important to the image you pass on to the people you want to give access to it, so if you don’t wax it, trim it! If you want people to get down there, keep it tidy. You’ll get more more activity, more appreciation and more sensitivity.

Our intimate manscaping trimming services are perfect if you just want a tidy clean look, not to mention the optical inch you can achieve by just getting rid of the hair around the shaft. Yes, we can make it look bigger to the eyes of the beholder.

Consider also including a chest and tummy hair trimming with your intimate manscaping for the look that gives you the “extra” mile (or inch). And if you are brace enough check our on our Intimate Brazilian Waxing services