We don’t do magic, but you may be enchanted with the results

We recognize that men have different skin and hair care likes and needs, so we have designed services exclusively for men that take into consideration their unique grooming, relaxation and therapeutic essentials. We are prepared to provide men with grooming treatments that work best for their skin and body.

I was born in the south of Brazil a little longer than you could tell from my forehead. From the age of 16 I started teaching English and Portuguese in my home town, until one day I decided to venture the world and explore new places. I went to the US, Africa, Portugal, eventually setting foot in the UK in 2002. I have travelled all over Europe and met people from all sorts of backgrounds, races and ages. I have always found interesting how people interact with each other  and behave in very different ways. I myself have changed the ways I perceive the world around me and inside me many times.

Following my teaching career to foreigners from all over the world in Brazil, the US and the UK, I decided to become a therapist and to care for people. Starting as a massage therapist, I progressed into fitness training, male waxing and barbering. I have successfully created a holistic treatments company with thousands of happy clients, with over a thousand clients seen by myself and  many of these  becoming regulars. I admit there have been challenging moments but nevertheless rewarding  and deeply instrospective. Learning about what people want and need has been a truly personal evolution; I have laid down personal prejudices and opened myself up to new dimensions I had never imagined before. 

I have gone the extra mile in self-development and self-consciousness and today I understand the importance of feeling and looking good. This is why I have created this space  to offer other guys who want to get in touch with their “actual self” without the outer limitations that we normally find ourselves too preoccupied with. Nowadays I want to feel good about myself regardless of what other people say or think.

We are all beautiful, all gorgeous, all successful, all complete, as long as we feel like that inside. And to feel good inside, it does help to feel good in the outside. Having a great body or not, going to the gym or not, having hair down there or not, having wrinkles up there or not. Its all my choice, and I want you to understand that it’s also your choice, to feel comfortable in your own skin or pelt!

I am constantly looking for the means, and the people, to help me and you with these choices. You can rest assured that whomever I recommend is someone I have personally approved, and if they can help me feel my best, you are in very safe hands!

Filipe Vieira Male Waxing

We are always happy to have a chat with you and explain the procedures for your treatment, so please ask any questions you have, I am here to look after you.

Filipe Vieira