A guide to Manscaping

What is Manscaping?

What is manscaping? Manscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect”. That’s the quick and easy answer, but there’s really a lot more to learning what manscaping really is. Gentlemen of all shapes and sizes have really gotten into manscaping. It’s an art that can change your appearance drastically or depending on what you prefer.. maybe only a subtle change.

A Detailed Look into Manscaping

While most associate manscaping with below the belt shaving that doesn’t define manscaping as a whole. Waxing or trimming your chest, stomach, armpits, back, etc.. all falls under the manscaping definition. It’s essentially everything you shave on a man that’s below the neck.

Being a manscaper means you take care in your personal hygiene and appearance. It means you care enough about yourself to stay well groomed, sharp looking, and particularly well looking in your birthday suit. Your special other will most definitely appreciate the time you take in your manscaping efforts.

We hope to make known that manscaping isn’t only below the belt. This way people can realize it’s more a way of life. It’s not just the men who choose to go bare either. A manscaper can have a rugged look, chest hair, and a massive beard. It’s the art of taming the hair to make it do as you wish.

Should you Manscape? Where to begin?

Every guy can benefit from manscaping. It isn’t a hard habit to pick up and actually will come quite naturally. You already shave or groom your facial hair so why not the body hair? There’s so many reasons as to why you should manscape:

  • Better hygiene – less hair means less sweat
  • Better confidence – you look good you feel good
  • Both men and women love it – studies show that when it comes to “getting intimate” your partner prefers it as it feels cleaner
  • You look bigger – we call it the “optical inch”, your man tool comes out of hiding in the bush
  • Better and more sex – with less hair there’s more sensitivity, not to mention that no one likes hair in their teeth

When it comes to the groin.

The person doing you that amazing action with their mouth will no longer get pubes in their teeth. How embarrassing for both parties is it when something like that happens? Now the situation is totally void and you no longer have to worry. Isn’t that some stress off your chest?

How often should I Manscape?

Ask yourself again, what is manscaping? Well like shaving your beard it’ll depend on the individual. I’ve known guys who manscape as much as once per week and some who said they only required a manscaping session once per month.

Your skin sensitivity will play a factor as well. If your skin is easily irritated take longer breaks between manscaping sessions. However the move you do it the quicker your skin will get use to the process and toughen up to not be an issue as much later down the road.

As a beginner you should wax every 4-6 weeks, or trim it every 2-3 weeks. Then adept your schedule as needed to fit your personal needs.


Now that we’ve answered your question, “what is manscaping?”. You should feel very comfortable and prepared to jump into this world of men’s hygiene. Yes, it’s a little different when you start shaving your balls but, it’s worth it. We’ve covered many benefits of the whole manscaping process and the positive things it can bring to your life.

Hopefully nothing holds you back from beginning. Manscaping isn’t expensive so you can begin sooner than later. Check out our Manscaping services in London and get your pelt looking its best!

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